About Us

NATHAN A. SHOR, Broker, has been in the commercial real estate industry since 1982 where he started in the Raleigh, North Carolina office of Shor & Associates, a family business that started practicing commercial real estate in 1970. Nathan trained under his father, Gerald T. Shor, and moved to Richmond in 1985 where they opened a satellite office of Shor & Associates. Nathan ran and built up that office until SHOR Real Estate, Inc. was started in January of 2000. Nathan has experience in all aspects of commecial real estate from development and leasing to management and finance. He has been involved in projects ranging from leasing 200 square feet to development consulting on 600,000 square foot projects, all with the same dedication and commitment to one thing, making the deal for his client, whichever person that may be, the buyer/landlord or purchaser/tenant.

DAVID T. KALMAN, Associate Broker, joined Shor & Associates in February of 1990 after his family business, Siegel's Supermarkets, a chain of 6 stores, was purchased by Farm Fresh Stores. David is excellent at analyzing the situation for his client, whether a retail tenant, buyer, seller or landlord, and making them aware of all the positives and negatives of a particular transaction.David has been involved in a large amount of site work for a couple of the national drug store chains as well as disposing of surplus property or buildings for national and local operations. His background in a large family business allows him the necessary tools in negotiating with larger chains. David was born and raised in Richmond and graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University.

JUDY H. DANIELS, Administrative Assistant, joined Shor & Associates in 1994 and stayed with Nathan as he formed SHOR Real Estate, Inc. She is in charge of our Property Management administrative work. She reconciles the collections of each property and handles the payment of bills to our subcontractors that perform our day to day maintenance on the properties. She is our contact to the tenants and handles each tenant with the proper respect they deserve. Judy also handles the relations with our team of professional accountants and lawyers and is responsible for quarterly statements and checks to our acquisition investors. She also handles the monthly distribution of management reports to our third party clients.