SHOR Real Estate, Inc. as one of the services we provide to our development clients, get involved in all aspects of the development of their projects.

  1. We identify the site to be developed or re-developed;
  2. Negotiate the sales contract;
  3. Facilitate meetings with local engineers, architects and other professionals;
  4. Attend all pre-development meetings with the professional staff, government officials and contractors;
  5. Assist in hiring the contractors and negotiating construction contracts;
  6. Lease the entire project by working directly with the retailers or the tenant representatives;
  7. Assist in locating the construction and permanent financing.

Our involvement is from the planning stages to completion of the project.

As of present, we are working with a shopping center developer from Conneticutt on two (2) projects:

  • 500,000 square foot power center in South Richmond that will have an entertainment component.
  • 220,000 square foot “Main Street” project in Williamsburg, VA anchored by a stadium theatre complex and is part of a larger 300 + acre mixed use project.

In addition to these projects we are currently working on five (5) free standing Advance Auto stores in Virginia and North Carolina as either the Development Consultant or the developer.